History of the Club Marketing Barcelona

In 1958 Al Shear and Bob Witney, the Chairman and Secretary of New York National Sales Executives (NSE), came to Barcelona as part of the Operation Enterprise tour, the aim of which was to publicise sales trends in the cities of Europe and other continents. A year later, Elmer Krueger led the second of these tours, achieving significant success in Barcelona. This prompted the Secretary of the American Chamber of Commerce at that time, Manuel A. Cargol, to take the first steps to establish an association of sales executives in Barcelona. On 10 February 1959, the Inaugural Assembly of the Sales Managers Club was held at the premises of the Institute of American Studies at 1 Paseo de Gracia. Rafael Camps Ubach was nominated as the first Chairman of the association in one of its first agreements.

The young Club, driven by the enthusiasm of its initial members, was very active in setting up events that attracted many enthusiastic participants, as a result of which the number of members increased rapidly. In 1961 the Club organised the Salesperson’s Day as part of the Official Barcelona Trade Fair and held its first international event, the First Hispano-French Conference, in Toulouse.

After overcoming a number of bureaucratic obstacles, the founding charter was finally signed on 17 January 1962, and the Club moved to a small office in the Tabacalera de las Ramblas building, provided by the American Chamber of Commerce. From then on the number of members gradually increased, reaching 200 professionals, who found the Club to be a forum for the exchange of knowledge and advice on professional issues. In parallel with the increase in its number of members, the Club became more influential and widely known. In 1963 it was entrusted with organising the First National Sales Congress, which was held in Zaragoza and attended by professionals from across Spain, and the 6th European Congress of Marketing and Distribution on behalf of the European Associations of Marketing.

The name of the association was changed to the Barcelona Club of Sales Executives and in 1966, it moved to new business premises at the bottom of Enrique Granados street, at number 101. By then Marketing as a business management strategy and technique was widely recognised in Spain, and the Club included it in its name, becoming the Marketing and Sales Executives Club.

Development and Growth

1961 - La bandera del Club és hissada a la Fira Internacional de Mostres pel President Rafael Camps amb motiu d'haver-hi organitzat el Dia del Venedor, una jornada d'estudi i divulgació que va tenir un gran èxit i un ressò extraordinari.

The association continued its activity, organising many events for its members, such as the Commercial Distribution Conference held in Sitges and the Exhibition of Corporate Magazines. The Club was growing exponentially and this meant that administrative staff needed to be taken on, in order to achieve its objectives and provide a better service to its members. In 1969 the Publications Committee turned the monthly folders, a collection of newsletters on marketing and sales, into a proper magazine for its members under the name Markerama, a publishing project that became self-funding through advertising some years later. At this time the Marked award was also established, which recognised the author or publisher of articles in Spanish publications; the Marketing Leaders Award was established, which is awarded to the best annual marketing plans, and subsequently the Professional of the Year Award, in recognition of the experience and good practices of members of the sector.

The Club continued to be the leader in national events and took responsibility for the Tourism Marketing Congress and XIII European Marketing Congress. In 1970 it was time to reflect the new reality of the Club, in which marketing was increasingly important, and the company changed its name again to become the Barcelona Marketing Managers Club, until in 1980, at an Extraordinary Meeting, the by-laws were updated again and the current name, Barcelona Marketing Club, was established.


In 1980 adopted the actually name: Club de Marketing de Barcelona


The Club stepped up its activity and over 80 events were held annually with over 5,000 participants. The Training Section was expanded, holding 20 seminars annually, attended by the current leading experts and the Sales School. In order for the Club to become a member-centred body, the number of Management Board members was increased to the maximum permitted by the by-laws, helping to increase participation, make the members increasingly feel part of the Club and increasing the number of activities. In addition, on admission to the Club a short seminar is provided to make new members fully aware and informed. The new Promotional Bull’s-Eye awards were introduced to recognise creativity and innovation in marketing.

In 1986 the Club opened new premises at 366 Consell de Cent, spacious premises which accommodate the club’s day-to-day activities. Rooms are also hired out for courses, meetings and for holding events and parties, in the auditorium or on the terrace. The pace of work of the organisation is determined by the service to members and the work of the Committees, formed by groups of club members who dedicate part of their time and effort to deal with strategic issues for the business sector, using marketing as the main focus. The Club currently has 10 employees and more than 1,500 members.

In 2004 the Club organized the second Barcelona International Marketing Meeting at the Barcelona Palace of Congresses with more than 200 presentations, 60 thematic sessions and over 1,200 attendees.

En 2004 el club organiza la segunda edición “BIMM 2004” en el Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona con más de 200 ponencias, 60 sesiones temáticas y más de 1200 asistentes.

Presidents of the club