Our top 10 predictions for 2013 are:  InMedica’s 10 for 13

1. Obama Care to Have Mixed Effects on Healthcare Markets
2. European Medical Device Market Performance To Worsen in 2013.
3. New Directive To Spark Strong South East Asia Pacific Growth.
4. Healthcare Reform to Boost Growth in Telehealth Market.
5. Closer to the Cloud: Increased adoption of PACS & VN Managed Services.
6. EMR Vendors to Encroach on Best-of-Breed CIS Market.
7. Wireless to Become Integral to X-ray Technology.
8. Non-Invasive Treatment Drives Growth in Clinical Care Segments.
9. BRICs Boom in Global Neonatal Care Products Market.
10.Activity Monitors to Rapidly Increase Share of Wearable Fitness Market.


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